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Every golfer’s “prescription” is different, and you can’t get that by bending a wedge to something it’s not.

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Depending on the make and model, your set of irons could have a 9-iron with anywhere from 37-43 degrees of loft. So each golfer’s perfect wedge set make-up is different. The problem is that the choices in the display racks are limited to certain numbers. "Close enough" or "we can bend that" is simply not good enough. No other company allows you this level of precision in assembling your arsenal of scoring clubs.

Whether you are looking for just the right 3-4 wedges, or a completely synchronized set of scoring clubs, only with SCOR4161 can you build the exact set you need. If it’s supposed to be a 51, it should say “51”. This innovative approach to your scoring clubs offers every loft from 41 to 61 degrees... 21 different heads... so you can put together the right mix for your bag. No other company has ever offered this degree of precision for your short game.


There are places where gaps are cute, but scoring range isn’t one of them. Although it varies by golfer, each degree in loft typically equals 3-4 yards of distance. The more precise your set of scoring clubs is made, the more consistent your full-swing distance gaps will be. And that improves your chances of dialing in the exact distance you need on shots from short range. So why limit yourself to the "conventional" lofts offered by the other brands?

At SCOR™ Golf, our singular goal is to improve your scoring. This is one more way we know how to do it.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs make all wedges obsolete, we invite you to read stories from other "real" golfers.

How SCOR4161 changes your game


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