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SCOR™ Golf is an International brand owned by Eidolon Brands, LLC headquartered in Victoria, Texas USA. The brand provides golfers with precision scoring clubs, once called 9 irons and wedges. The product line is marketed under the name of SCOR4161™. Their patent pending SC3 weighting and custom fitting experiences known as SCORFit 3.0 Interactive and SCORFit 2.0 and 4.0 Live have been proven to be more accurate and forgiving than the leading brands of wedges in the industry. A custom fit set of scoring clubs is crafted out of 21 loft options ranging from 41 degrees to 61 degrees so that you don’t have to bend a club to the loft it was not intended for. This produces precision matched gapping and the ultimate individual feel with its selection from four custom shafts and varying degrees of flex to provide 12 different options. This patent pending combination provides accuracy and forgiveness for golfers with any skill set. The brand also provides advice and training aides to improve technique for golfers of any skill set. These training aides are known as the SCOR Method©, SCOR Zone™ and its blog, The Wedge Guy™. The products and services are marketed direct to consumers online at and, through the trade at selected Edwin Watts Golf Stores, other retailers, on course golf shops, and leading training facilities and practice ranges throughout the United States. The brand is currently represented internationally in the countries of Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand and Slovenia through Sam Sullivan (, International Sales Manager.

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