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“Bottom Line: The top-rated wedges tested”

- GOLF Magazine, ClubTest 2013


In GOLF Magazine’s just published annual ClubTest of eleven wedge brands, SCOR4161™ precision scoring clubs bested them all. Real golfers. Real golf shots. Real proof.

In their “BOTTOM LINE”, they summed it up this way: SCOR4161 are the top-rated wedges tested. A versatile, fun family of scoring clubs that makes testers reconsider their current wedges as well as their short irons.

These forty golfers experienced the next revolution in golf equipment -- not “just wedges”, but a complete overhaul of the short end of the set. This unmatched package of scoring technologies delivers more accuracy, improved forgiveness and extraordinary feel. All wrapped in the most comprehensive custom-fit process in the category.

“. . . [V]sole can do it all . . .”
“ . . . plenty of spin . . .”
“ . . . Best [distance control] in the test . . .”
“. . . easy to flight down . . .”
“. . . flop shots are a breeze . . .”
“. . . crisp, consistent feel . . .”

Someday all wedges and short irons will be made this way. But for now, only SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs can give you this much scoring range performance.

And Tester #41 – Iron Byron

In a battery of independent tests, the SCOR4161 gap wedge beat the top two brands in shot dispersion and distance loss from high-face impact by 21 feet on average. Even “Iron Byron” found that the innovative SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs have no equal.

Golf Magazine Club Test 2013

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