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SCOR4161- Custom Built and Made to Order

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There are no assembly lines or stock inventory at SCOR™ Golf. While other companies seem to be looking for every way to make their clubs cheaper (notice the "Assembled in China" stickers on more and more wedges), we're looking for every way possible to make every SCOR4161 better. A principle of that quest is that we build every set just for the golfer that is going to play them, using the best components available. And every one of our production staff is an accomplished player, too.

We're committed to building the best precision scoring tools you can play. One by one. By hand. Right here in Texas. That is how we assure you that your SCOR4161s are really yours and that your short game will be better than it has ever been.

Here's how we build the finest scoring clubs in the game:

  1. Upon review of each custom order, the selected SCOR4161 heads are pulled from inventory and visually inspected. Then they are brought to exact gram head weight using the weight port in the hosel.

  2. The selected premium GENIUS® short game shafts are trimmed to customer-specified length and flex and prepped for installation.

  3. Our distinctive black and red-ringed ferrule is applied to the shaft. Epoxy is mixed and prepared to bond head and shaft.

  4. Epoxy is applied, and the shaft fitted into the head and set aside to cure overnight.

  5. The ferrule is turned to give a brush finish, and the grip is installed, using tape wraps to ensure it is to the specified size.

  6. Each and every club is measured for exact loft and lie using state of the art technology that yields a tolerance of +/- 0.25°.

  7. Final inspection and cleaning is performed, and shaft labels are applied.

  8. Your set of SCOR4161s is packed and sent on the way to you via UPS, or other selected carrier. Your Owner's Packet includes necessary documentation, a SCOR Golf ball mark repair tool, bag tag for our SCOR Method system of shotmaking precision and links to the Owner's Manual and SCOR Method book.

At SCOR Golf, we were all golfers before we became clubmakers. So every SCOR4161 set we build receives the same meticulous attention to detail that goes into the clubs we put in our own bags. If you demand precision for your short game equipment, you won't find a company that does it better than SCOR Golf.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why scoring clubs make all wedges obsolete, we invite you to read stories from other "real" golfers and see how SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs will improve your scoring from the very first round. We guarantee it.

How SCOR4161 changes your game


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