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SCOR4161 Precision Scoring Clubs - Customer Reviews

Game Changing

"Simply put, the SCOR ideology and execution of it is a game changer. I've got a set of 4 (45/49/53/57) that honestly have changed the way I think about AND execute in my short game. Tremendous product from a first rate company!"
Jim Miles

Versatile Wedges!

"I have been playing for over thirty years and these are the best wedges I have ever played! Versatility is second to none! Feel is off the charts! Looking down towards the wedges just inspires confidence in your going to hit a good shot! The Scor System is for real! Take the plunge! You'll be glad you did!"

Fantastic Wedges

"I replaced my spin milled pokeys with the Scor Wedges. They are the nicest looking wedges I've ever played… solid feel!"
Chas R

No Competition Here!

"AAA+ for me! Best look, best feel, best ball flight/workability in marketplace!! Fitting is easy,they sell themselves when you put them against all others.thank goodness for thinking outside the box on this product. KUDOS and THANKS!!!"
Buck Mayers

Noticed a Big Difference Right Away

Well I finally decided to break down and order a set of 4 wedges, got them Wed or Thu last week, and noticed a big difference right away. My bunker play became much better, saved par a couple of times and even one birdie out of the bunker. My chips started checking up. Then after a bad day on Monday, Tuesday I shot my lowest round ever (76 on a par 72 course). Thanks SCOR golf.
Paul S.

Took Advantage of Trial Order

I received my order about 3 weeks ago. I had taken advantage of your trial order of a 51 wedge and was so impressed with it that I ordered a 43 and 47 to go along with the 51 that I kept. I have played about 5 or 6 rounds with the new wedges in my bag. Before putting the wedges in my bag I spent 3 or 4 range sessions collecting distance information on different swings. I am a believer in the Peltz method of distance control. I am what the English call a "reasonable" golfer. My index ranges between mid single digits to low double digits, 5 to 11 in round numbers.

Since beginning play with your wedges all of my rounds have been in the lower end of my index range. I had my best round of the year last week a 74 on a course of 6300 yards with a 139 rating. I attribute my improvement to your wedges.

The wedges seem crisp when hit solid and reasonably forgiven, 5 to 8 yard loss, on mishits. They spin the ball well when compressed but can be hit to maximize roll if desired. Chipping with the 51 I have improved my distance from the hole significantly, holing out 3 chips with it. The 75 gr graphite shaft is in my opinion an improvement of the standard steel offering by the major manufactures.

John G.

Holed out from 106 yards

Received and played a round with my new wedges yesterday. My first shot using my 61 degree I holed out from 106 yards for eagle. I have to say, it will be hard to top that shot.

The three other lefties in my group tried and loved all six of my wedges. In fact, they were coining the phrase when I was inside 150 yards......he shoots, he SCORS! (Canadian hockey reference).

Thanks again for making a fantastic product. I have and will continue to recommend your product to everyone up here in Canada.


I hit the pin twice


Just wanted to let you know that I've been hitting my 58 and 54 degree for about a half hour now. I threw balls into the sand trap, buried lies, hit uphill downhill, flop shots - I've been all over the pitching green at my club. I took the 54 degree out about 80 yards, and you could cover up the ten balls I hit with a washrag. Long story short, in my first 12 shots and I hit the pin twice.

I don't know what you've got going on with these wedges - if you've had them blessed by the lord or what - but these are absolutely the most solid, incredible wedges I've hit in my entire life and I've been doing this for over 50 years.

With the custom fit, and the right grip, I was hitting shots with that little 58 degree that I haven't hit in fifteen years.

I'm playing with about 30 guys from the club tomorrow morning, and when I take them for all the money I'm gonna tell them exactly where I got these incredible clubs from. These are absolutely phenomenal. Have a fantastic weekend - I know I am."
Gary M.

Closing the gaps

"I met with the local rep this morning hit these wedges. Wow was I surprised. The rep fit wedges to my set of callaway irons so the gaps were consistant. The most interesting thing about these wedges to me was the set up and the clean lines. When setting up to the ball for full shots the club had very little bounce visually which lends confidence that I would not bounce into the ball. When hitting chips or lobs there was plenty of bounce from the club by only adjusting slightly. The set of four gives me the correct distances across all my clubs now."
Chas Canter

These clubs did not disappoint in any way

"Saturday, Day #1 with Scor clubs in my golf bag… I was up early, and very enthused about the the day ahead… Which was delayed by a shotgun start @ Noon today due to frost this morning. Once the frost lifted, we had pretty nice course conditions for early February. Early February in the Pacific Northwest means very heavy air, no roll in the fairway, and soft greens. Course conditions at the time of the year are at least one club length longer than summer months. Still, I have a big grin on my face, I'm playing golf on a beautiful day and I have Scor clubs in my bag. I'm playing a Titleist NXT Tour instead of the Srixon Z-Star (we call these Zed-Stars {rhymes with Ted} in Canada, because Z is a Zed not a Zee) due to the course conditions, I'll save the more expensive golf balls for the summer months.

My initial impressions on the range on Thursday were confirmed on the course today. These clubs are longer than my Eidolons, solely due to the shaft. As stated previously, I think the KBS shafts are outstanding. Even in cool conditions, I am longer with the Scor clubs. Today, because of the vast selection of Scor clubs available in my bag, I decide to play the 42* Scor iron today instead of my 43* Mizuno 9 iron) and the 51* Scor instead of my 52* Eidolon gap wedge (even accounting for the 1* difference in loft, which for a golfer of my considerable skill and talent is negligible).

Still, I will have to pay attention and "re-gage" my distances. For instance, my 52* gap wedge is my go-to 90 - 100 yard club. Today, on the 3rd hole, I had 115 to the pin, green is a severe back to front slope. Anything above hole can be a "knee knocker". Normally, my 48* PW would be too much, and my 52* gap likely not enough. With the 51* Scor, I wanted to leave myself an uphill putt. Solid strike on the ball, which did a one hop and stopped ~10 feet above the pin. The ball flight was 120 yards, with a boring trajectory and… an excellent ball mark to repair when I arrived at the green! While not exactly what I wanted, it was a good decision. If I had hit the 48*, I would have flown the green. Still...I'm putting for par on the #1 handicap hole at my club. And I made the par putt… Scors now have my full and complete attention. Two holes later, par 5. I am lying 3 (duffed my 2nd shot), still have 110 yards to pin. Pull the 51, gentle swing, pin high after one hop and stop. I'm a little farther from the flag that I would like, but impressed by the distance control. I just missed the par putt, not unhappy with bogey give my duffed fairway wood for my second shot.

Next hole, par 4. Poor tee shot, lay up with my second shot 'cos I want to hit something around 120 yards. I have 127 yards to an uphill flag. 42* Scor, good strike and nice flight on both the ball and the divot!… I pulled the shot a little, but still pin high. Very impressed that I hit my "9" iron this distance, my Mizuno 9 iron is 41* loft, so I am 1* softer, and still pin high… Ouch! Next hole is par 3, complete &*#$&#&$# so I move on… Next hole is a short par 4, an excellent hole on my course, one of my favourites. My score on this hole is usually par or double bogey, it really is a great risk/reward hole. Position off the tee is critical for 2nd shot to the green, left is better. My tee shot goes down the right side… I have 130 yards for my 2nd shot. I'm so impressed with the 42*, out it comes yet again… Shot is pin high, but pushed (I'm a lefty remember) to the left side bunker. No problem right… 60* Scor from the bunker leaves me 2 feet for par… Didn't see this coming. Next hole, also in the sand on the left… .and stuffed the 60* to 3 feet, made the putt for a bogey… Didn't see this coming either… 2 sand saves in a row, albeit the 2nd one is for bogey. Next hole, dogleg right par 4. Good tee shot, bad 2nd shot, so I now have 125 yards to pin… 42* Scor hit well, but slight miss in the sand on the right side. Oops, I've now short sided myself, as the flag was tucked near the right side bunker. The middle left side of the green was wide open. I love this game!… Not exactly what I had hoped for. In the bunker, I decide to slightly opened the 60* and thump… 2 feet for bogey… That's three good bunker shots in a row… OMG!!! Guys in my group now suggesting that I simply forget aiming for the green and try to hit the ball in the sand on every hole… Funny!! 2 holes later, in the sand on the right side of the green (there is a trend here!). Green is severely elevated above me, and I have about ~25 yards to the flag… 54* was in my bag today. I opened the blade slightly, nice thump in the sand (and nice flight by both the ball and the sand BTW!)… I'm 5 feet below the hole (very important on this green!), and made the bogey putt on the hardest hole on the back nine. That's 4 sand "saves" in a row… I'm loving these Scors!!! The rest of the round was pretty uneventful, except for one final bunker shot on the 19th hole.

As mentioned, today was a shotgun start due to frost. After we finished 18, we decided to play a couple of holes as we walked back to the club house. Our 19th hole is the 160 yard par 3. Tee shot finds me in the bunker again, probably 20 yards to the pin… Oy vey!… I pulled the 54* from my bag, which I hit it a little too hard and watched the ball fly over the flag. Oops… Except the ball landed, hopped, and then spun back at least 5 yards… I don't ever recall spinning the ball out of the sand like this. Wow!! Time to get out the cheque (this is how we spell cheque in Canada) book. Shawn, I'm feeling the Scor love!! Summary for Day #1. These clubs did not disappoint in any way. Yes, I mishit a couple of shots, solely due to "operator error". I want and need more time on the short game range. From the sand, to borrow a quote my friends on the OverSpin commercials… What do I call my Scors? "Money". The bunker shots saved my backside. I'm looking forward to Day #2 tomorrow, hopefully no frost delay in the morning."

There's a reason why Scor includes a divot repair tool in the box :)

"Ok, finally time for me to post my thoughts on these great clubs! So, as I posted earlier, I received the 52 and 56 for xmas from my wife. Called up Scor, had a great talk with Barry. We discussed options for loft combinations, length and lie. He was very informative & helpful, I really felt comfortable discussing my game & options with him. Shipping was prompt, even during the holiday madness and I got the clubs pretty quickly. First impressions of the clubs (outside of how great the look!) was how heavy they were! It's a complete difference between the wedges I've been using until now (Adams Watson Classics). I don't know how much heavier they are in terms of total weight, but the swingweight feels totally different. Just giving these a quick swing in my kitchen, I knew that I was going to have no fear of skulling shots across the green anymore.

So any sane, rational person would take these out to the range, get used to them, all that good stuff. Good thing I've never been accused of being sane -- order arrives one day, I start gaming them immediately. Trial by fire :) Before I get into how they performed, some background. I'm probably the highest capper to play these, I'm a full 36! Now to ward off the inevitable questions, Yes, I am taking lessons :) Also, my short game is my strong point, my scores hover about 105-115, purely due to my wedges & putting. If I'm having an off day with my short game it's 140 time. If my long shots go well, I can almost always par or bogey the hole. Now to the fun part, playing! I've played 5 rounds with these so far, and they have performed great! The first game I played with them I tried to use them to chip every shot possible (the greens were pretty slow, so I could get away with a chip shot instead of going for a pitch in most cases). Total success. It took a little adjustment to the weight of the clubs, but I learned that they don't require nearly the muscle that I'm used to, just make a smooth stroke and let the weight of the club provide the power. I don't think I left any of those shots outside of 4 feet all game, most were < 2 feet from the cup. Next few games I started using them like I normally would use a wedge, for a variety of shots. Again, I needed a little bit of compensation, but my pitches were soon dialed in. I tried shots from every surface, fairway, thin rough, thick rough, sand... Never once did I feel the club dig down into the dirt and get stuck.

Now that's not saying I didn't bury the club a few times as I was getting used to them :) I took a few monster gouges out of the earth when I mis-calculated how fluffy the lie was, but the club slid smoothly through the dirt & I still got about 15 yards on the shot. Not what I was hoping for but any forward progress is still progress. Sand deserves it's own paragraph. Others have noted, and I'll re-iterate -- these things love the sand! Remember that mis-hit I was talking about above? I normally don't try to get big distance from sand traps, being happy with 5-10 yards out into a safe area. Anything else & I risk getting stuck in the dirt. So one time I figured what the heck, give it a shot with these... wow! without even trying hard, just getting a little lower under the ball & a slightly longer backswing I popped one out about 25 yards... didn't even feel the sand! This isn't something I could have accomplished before (believe me, I've tried!) I can't wait to put some real practice in and see how far I can go. So I have to say that I am very happy with these clubs. The grips are phenomenal! Perfect blend of softness & stickiness. I got used to the different swing feeling that I needed pretty quickly, and it's been wonderful ever since. I love whenever I am in a position to pull one of these out of the bag, because I *know* that I'm going to nail it. There's a reason why Scor includes a divot repair tool in the box :)"

I have fallen in love

"I have fallen in love with my 56* so much I am going to order the 60* here in a month or so. Kicked the Jaws to the curb."

Awesome Wedges

"I purchased Eidolon wedges last year and felt they were the best wedges I'd ever played. So, I bought my 13 year old daughter the 49*, 53*, and 57* degree scor wedges. She and I could not be happier with these wedges. Her golf coach hit the 53* degree while demonstrating to her and commented on the quality of the wedge. These clubs are game changers."
Mike R.

Thanks to you for great wedges

"I have been playing with the wedges for a month and continue to improve. I just shot a 78 today (I have not broken 80 for about 2 years) and much of this was due to my wedge play. At least for todays round I was a short game handicap of one. I just got a laser range finder so I am going to work in dialing in my wedge yardages."
Ross R.

Best wedges I've owned

"I am very impressed with this set of scoring clubs. Working for Bandon Dunes on very hard greens and the spin has been more than asked for on 60-90 yd approaches. Nice having a PW, and 9 iron in a wedge look for long bunker shots as well. Best wedges I've owned."
Joey L.

Great at getting up close and personal with the ball

"I started really pondering these at the PGA Show when I saw how good looking they were. The chrome finish is not glaring, the weight is a bit heavier than my J40s and the heads are smaller. The v-sole as many have stated is unique and allows for one to open the club face for various shots. When I open the 57* the leading edge is actually raised off the turf which makes one think you are going to belly the ball at impact. NOT the case, these clubs are great at getting up close and personal with the ball. I made is a point of hitting nippers every chance I got yesterday. The 57* degree loft combined with the v-sole really allowed for some low skippers into the greens with no issues. I saw absolutely no digging with the wedges and I hit a very shots from maybe the only two wet spots in that arid golf course we played. Tight Texas lies where no problem either."

Great Wedge - Just Performs

"I had a chance to take the SCOR's out to the course this weekend. I own a 54* and 58*, standard loft/lie, with the Firm steel shaft. Here are my thoughts/results: *** Full Shots: Hit 3 full shots, 2 with the 54* and 1 with the 58*. Overall, very satisfied as distance was spot on. I did leave 1 shot out to the right and into a bunker, but this was due to my thinking the lie would cause the ball to start more left than it did. User error. All 3 shots were crisp, nice ball flight, and pretty much stopped where they dropped. *** Partial Shots: I hit 4 shots from 45 - 75 yards. 3 of them were perfect - half swing, aggressive through the ball, nice low ball flight, and stopped within 10 feet of the hole.

On the 4th, I took too big a swing, decelerated, hit it fat, and ended up chunking the shot about 30 yards. User error on that swing. I did get the next pitch up and down though to save par. Again, overall very satisfied. *** Chips: I only had 4 chip shots. 3 from bermuda rough, 1 from the fringe. From the bermuda rough, I did have an issue in not knowing how hard to swing. I kept leaving the ball short. I think I just need to be a little more aggressive with the forward swing and I should get better results. From the fringe, I chipped it to about 2 feet. *** Sand Shots. WOW! I had 3 green side sand shots. 2 short (15 - 20 or so feet), 1 longish (40 feet) and from 2 different sand types. All three I just popped out using an open clubface and aggressive swing, and the ball came out high, soft, and with tons of spin. I got up and down all 3 times, a first for me. I made 2 birdies, 3 sand par saves, and 1 chip par save after using the SCOR Wedges."

Fantastic Wedge

"I have played Callaway wedges for the last 10 years which I thought I was happy with, until I bought the SCOR wedges. Right out of the box, I hit 5 wedge shots that were right on the money! The ball marks on the face of the club was right in the sweet spot! I have the 54 & 58 degree. The ball stops very quickly out of the sand as well, so you can go right at the pin with these wedges. Looking to fill out my set very soon."
Roy Gilbert

All I have to say is WOW!

"Well I have about 4 rounds in with the new wedges. All I have to say is WOW! I have played Vokey, Mizuno, Hogan, Cleveland, and Pelz. I must say this is the best wedge I have played. The distances were spot on! I make solid contact over and over again. It slices through the rough and is quite easy off tight lies. I never dug the club into the ground off a tight light. The club is balanced beautifully. At address the club does not look awkward to me the way the Vokey's did. I cannot remember any mishits with the club. For Christmas I will treat myself to a 50 or 49 degree (currently I have the 54 and 59)."
Anu S.

I can really recommend them

"I would just like to say how good these clubs have been for my game, i was previously a 5 handicapper then 3-4 yrs ago i got the chipping yips i then blew out to 10. i bought the 5 wegde set looking for another miracle, and i got it, these things are awsome in the 2 months since i have them my confidence has returned from the dead and im back chipping great, still the odd stuff up but overall great. im also back down to 6 which is good i've taken plenty of money of my mates. So thankyou good website great info on the clubs i can really recommend them."
Darren M.

OMG! Thats all I can say

"OMG! Thats all I can say. The Wedges are so amazing! Yesterday I broke 80 for the first time here in San Angelo and it had a lot to do with the fact that I was putting the ball right next to the hole. I am so thankful for your help! These have to be the best golf clubs I have ever owned. You guys might want to put that technology into a full set because if people are as happy as I am with my wedges Im sure they would be especially happy to have clubs to fix their WHOLE game!"
Timothy G.

V-SOLE is so Versatile!

"I'm a 2 handicap so I feel I can get around a course pretty effeciently but even so, every now and again I would have thoughts about my old low bounce, grinded sole of my 60* catching an edge and digging. To make up for that club the 56* was higher in bounce. The V sole is so versatile that it performs on any condition. The bunkers at my club were just turned so the sand is very deep and fluffy. I was amazed how well the sole glided through the sand, usually I would have to swing harder in these conditions but not now. I could go on and on with situations like this one. I wish you and SCOR much success, I really think you have a fantastic product."
Jason M.

Congratulations SCOR, on an exceptional club and innovative design

"Some final thoughts on these clubs… it's simple, the SCOR 4161 wedges are replacing my PW, Gap, Sand and Lob wedges, something I really didn't think could ever happen. At best, I thought that MAYBE they could replace my Sand and Lob Wedge, as they're 5‐6 years old, but alas - all 4 wedges are welcomed additions to my bag. Congratulations SCOR, on an exceptional club and innovative design. You've sold me and that's no easy task."

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the ball comes off the club as advertised, crisp and clean

"I have been most impressed by the appearance, the look of the club is classic, tidy and clean. The features are sharp and precise. The feel is truly amazing, the ball comes off the club as advertised, crisp and clean. The weights of the three clubs are all beautifully matched to provide a consistent feel throughout the swing. The shafts are, once again, performing as advertised with excellent club head control, stability and a crisp solid contact. I am very pleased. A friend suggested that buying wedges over the internet unseen was a gutsy thing to do. was impressed with your websight information, the Scorfit program and the quality of your staff when I spoke with Beau I was able to give my personal specifications and the order was completed correctly. Thanks for a great product. Now, how about some more irons five through nine?"
Glenn P.

All I can say is holy smokes!

"I bought a 4 wedge set 7/2 and played with them yesterday for the first time. I spent about 2 hours on the range with them working out the distances and feel. All I can say is holy smokes! These are the best wedges I've ever played with. Talk about kicking a set of Vokey Spin Milled to the curb! I'm not a low handicap (14.1) but I do have a fairly good short game and I am very impressed. So much so that I just ordered the 45 and 41 this morning. Being 6'-4" tall I didn't realize how much difference having my wedges fit me (1 inch over and 2 degrees up) would make. I absolutely love them!"
David I.

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