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A critical element of short iron and wedge performance – but one that gets essentially no dialogue – is the shaft. The wedges in the store displays all have a heavy and stiff steel shaft that does not optimize feel – the crucial element to a good short game. And in your irons, the industry has always embraced the notion that shafts should get progressively stronger in flex as the loft increases, which leads to very stiff shafts in the short range clubs. But this is where you need improved feedback to control less-than-full shots – only SCOR4161 with GENIUS shafts can deliver it.

No other company has given this much focused attention to the scoring club shafts. And the result is our GENIUS line-up that allows any golfer to optimize feel, trajectory control and distance accuracy in their money clubs. Each GENIUS shaft – and there are three – has been engineered to optimize ball flight and feel in the scoring clubs. The tips are slightly firmer for tour-like trajectories and improved accuracy. But the mid-section is softer to ensure extraordinary feel around the greens and on less-than-full swings.

  • GENIUS 12 - A standard weight steel shaft (120 grams) co-engineered with KBS just for scoring clubs. It is the right match to conventional steel shafts like Dynamic® Gold® and Rifle®.

  • GENIUS 9 - A heavier graphite shaft (mid-90 grams) that is a great choice for golfers playing the 90-gram steel shafts or conventional weight graphite in their irons.

  • GENIUS 7 - A lightweight graphite shaft (mid-70 grams) that allows the millions of golfers playing irons with graphite or super-light steel shafts to extend that balance and weight into their SCOR4161 wedges and short irons. It will change your short game overnight.

You no longer have to settle for tipped-down mid-iron shafts in your scoring clubs. Having the right shafts, with softer flexes, firmer tip sections, and a weight/flex that is blended to your irons and your own skills, will change your short game performance forever.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why scoring clubs make all wedges obsolete, we invite you to read stories from other "real" golfers and see how SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs will improve your scoring from the very first round. We guarantee it.

How SCOR4161 changes your game


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