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Who is SCOR™ Golf?

SCOR Golf is all about scoring . . . your scoring. It's bigger than what others call "the short game", i.e. chipping, pitching, bunker play. “Scoring range” is that whole and crucial part of the game played with your 9-iron on down. Whether your goal is to break par or break 100 for the first time, odds are you'll do it because of your scoring range performance. Regardless of skill level, this is where a round of golf is defined, pars saved and birdies made. Even the tour players make very few birdies outside this range.

To guide us, we created “The SCOR Triangle” - the key to scoring range improvement.

At the foundation of of the Triangle are the Tools.

While drivers, fairways, irons and hybrids have benefitted from tons of technology, wedges have remained almost identical to those of the 1950s. And short irons that look like 6-irons are not the way to achieve optimum accuracy and distance control. Your scoring range performance suffers because of these facts.

So we completely re-engineered the scoring clubs - we call it SCOR4161™. This revolutionary new approach to the ‘money clubs’ erases the line between short irons and wedges, and is the most complete package of scoring technology in the industry. Someday all scoring clubs will be made this way, but for now, only SCOR Golf can give you scoring clubs that are designed and crafted for the modern power game.

SCOR Golf's home is in Victoria, Texas, in the heart of the South Texas ranch country. Our team of accomplished golfers custom-builds every set of SCOR4161 scoring clubs specifically for the golfer who's going to play them. There are no assembly lines or stock pre-assembled clubs at SCOR Golf.

Going forward, we'll be also focusing on another side of the Triangle - Technique. We've already published a neat little booklet, "The SCOR Method", which will help you refine your scoring range precision. And our President Terry Koehler (aka “the Wedge Guy”) writes a blog twice weekly to share 30+ years of scoring range insight. We'll be doing more in 2013 to help you improve inside money range.

The “Time” side . . .well, that's yours alone. But our goal is to make the scoring range clubs more fun than ever for you, so you'll want to spend more time practicing with them.

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of SCOR4161 Precision Scoring Clubs.

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