The Most Accurate Wedges in Golf.
Welcome to the SCOR4161 Custom Shop

Where every club, and every set, is built specifically for the golfer who will play them.

  • Single clubs are priced from $119/ea
  • All clubs are fully custom-built to increase your scoring range accuracy by 55-85% over conventional wedges and set-match irons.

A Revolution in Scoring Range Performance

Independent tests on the Iron Byron swing robot prove that distance control problems with your wedges and high tech short irons aren’t your fault at all – that inconsistency is built into your golf clubs.

That’s why we completely re-designed all of the high loft clubs and created the most precise scoring system in all of golf. With SCOR4161, your misses will end up closer to the hole than ever before, and your best shots will be like throwing darts.

In just a few minutes, you'll see what your perfect scoring system looks like.

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The Genius® 10 Firm + is a nonstandard flex, please call 877-726-7670 to speak with a scoring range specialist.
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