The Most Accurate Wedges in Golf.

Not just wedges, but a complete scoring system to optimize your short range performance
Just as hybrids have revolutionized the long end of our sets, SCOR4161 replaces your "wedges" and set-match short irons with a Precision Scoring System. Four to six clubs at the short end of your set to optimize your distance control, distance gapping, shotmaking and forgiveness. Here's why we did it.

Iron Byron testing proves misses as small as one-half inch can cost you distance loss of up to 50 feet with your conventional "wedges" and over twice that much with your 'high-tech' short irons. By completely re-inventing the high loft clubs, SCOR4161 reduces the penalty from even your smallest misses by 69-73% over "wedges", and up to 94% over your 9-iron and 'P-club' (which were designed to look like a 6-iron.)

This is not a 'tweak", but a complete re-engineering of the clubs we count on to score. PGA Tour statistics show that only 4% of birdies are made from approach shots with a 7-iron or longer. Your scores reflect your short range performance. Period. And we're going to make it miles better.
Why we did it.
Your "wedges" are stuck in the 1950s

These clubs were designed in the 1930s only to get you out of bunkers, and their big sole and low weighting did that very well. Then they were modified a bit into the 1950s to make them also work for short shots around the greens. And they haven't really changed since. But the game has. You use your "wedges" for full-swing shots more often than short shots, and robotic testing proves they are ill-suited for that. So you get inconsistent distances and ballooning trajectories. And you don't hit these prime scoring range shots nearly as close to the hole as you should.

It's not your fault.

Your 6-iron might be great. The matching 9-iron and 'P-club' aren't.

The technology that is supposed to deliver a longer-hitting 6-iron does not give you the pinpoint distance control or the forgiveness you need for scoring range precision.

Want proof? In Iron Byron robotic testing of the top two selling iron models of 2013, the 'P-clubs' delivered distance dispersion patterns of up to 90 feet from misses as small as 5/8 of an inch. You can do better, And here's how.
SCOR4161 SC3™ Progressive Weighting
SCOR4161 is the first progressively-weighted design ever applied to the high-loft scoring clubs. Every club in your Precision Scoring System has been engineered to deliver optimum trajectories, precise distance control and 4-7 times more forgiveness than anything in the "wedge" category or your set-match short irons. This revolutionary approach to precision will consistently put you closer to the hole in prime scoring range, regardless of your skill level or handicap. As the lofts in your Precision Scoring System change, the weight distribution changes also, to give you optimum performance for each club in your arsenal.
SCOR4161 V-Sole®
The "wedge" category is stuck on this notion that you can "fit" bounce to turf conditions or your swing path. But in reality, those two things are constantly changing. That admittedly specialized wedge might be good sometime, but it is simply awful at others. And that is costing you strokes on full shots and around the greens. The innovative and renowned V-SOLE combines both a high- and low-bounce in each club to give you unmatched versatility and shotmaking control, whether you face a full shot or the most delicate pitch or chip. Hard pan to sand, fairway to rough, it never met a lie it didn't like.

It really is like magic.
SCOR4161 21 Lofts
Other companies will bend a club to hit the "in-between" numbers or just have you settle for "something close". That's not good enough at SCOR. Each club in your Precision Scoring System is exactly the loft you need for precision gapping and distance control. Our exclusive SCORFit process will help guide you to the exact set make-up you need to blend to your irons and optimize your strength profile.

To get SCOR4161 club specifications, click here.
SCOR4161 GENIUS® Shafts
"Wedges" on the display racks have a one-size-fits-all shaft that is heavier and stiffer than what you play in your irons, so you have a complete 'disconnect' in feel and performance right in prime scoring range. Why would you settle for that? And your short iron shafts are progressively stiffer where you need feel the most – when you are most likely to 'carve' a shot in to hit it close. That makes no sense at all.

Only SCOR4161 offers four proprietary shaft options – two steel and two graphite – each available in 2-3 flexes. So only SCOR can make sure your prime scoring clubs are just that. Our innovative SCORFit process will help you get the exact right shaft "prescription" that you need for better scoring.
Custom Fitting
“Custom” has to mean more than special paint and stamped initials. These are your “money clubs” and they should be perfectly fitted to your game, your strength profile, and your tendencies in scoring range. So we created SCORFit – a comprehensive analysis of your short range performance. The next few minutes will be fun and enlightening, and will put you on the way to the most advanced scoring technologies ever devised.
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