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As a part of our commitment to provide the tools to get you 21 feet closer to the flag, we knew that our SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs would need to be supported with a first class custom wedge fitting experience innovated for both live fittings and online interactive applications. Accordingly, our introduction of SCOR4161s in July 2011 was accompanied with our custom wedge fitting system known as the SCORFit™ experience which includes both 2.0 and 4.0 versions of the SCORFit LIVE custom fitting kits and our free SCORFit INTERACTIVE online fitting application.

In our third iteration since 2011, SCORFit INTERACTIVE 3.0 and the new SCORFit LIVE versions were launched in January, 2013, at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.


In January we introduced SCORFit INTERACTIVE 3.0, the third generation of this breakthrough in wedge selection and fitting. This was the first online fitting experience from any company to include a database of irons' specifications, and still the only one that provides the exact lofts for proper gapping and also reconciles the shaft length and lie angle variances from brand to brand and model to model.

SCORFit INTERACTIVE expands the interactive Q&A session to give you the most insightful look ever at the scoring end of your set and game. It even projects yardages with your "money clubs", and gives you a tool to experiment with different lofts to see how your yardage gaps will change.

No other wedge company provides this level of comprehensive fitting online.

SCORFit LIVE for the trade

To enable golf professionals, teachers, fitters and retailers to fit any golfer with the right prescription for their scoring clubs, in the spring of 2012 we introduced the first custom wedge fitting system to offer interchangeable heads and shafts. For 2013, these SCORFit LIVE systems have been improved and expanded to allow any club or shop to have exactly the system that best fits their needs as well.

SCORFit 2.0

This system features seven SCOR4161 heads at 42, 45, 48, 51, 54, 57 and 60 degrees, so that any golfer can experience the SCOR4161 playability with a club that is no more than one degree different from what will be in their own set. Ten interchangeable shafts allow complete fitting of feel, another industry first. SCORFit 2.0 even includes two left-handed lofts.

SCORFit 4.0

The ultimate wedge fitting solution, featuring all 21 lofts of SCOR4161 heads in right hand, plus three in left hand. Ten interchangeable shafts allow complete fitting of feel.

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