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What is SCOR4161

More scoring technology than you'll get from the industry leaders.

Facts are facts. And the new wedges from the major brands look and work pretty much the same, regardless of which one you choose. They also look and work pretty much like those of the 1950s. All the weight low in the clubhead and a thin top section is what causes the dramatic loss of distance control when you catch one high on the face. You can do better.

SCOR4161 changes all that. We challenged 50+ years of "conventional wisdom" about scoring clubs and started over, with the goal of delivering more forgiveness, better distance control, improved feel and any-lie versatility. Very simply, SCOR4161 is the most comprehensive package of technology ever developed for your scoring range performance.

Wedges with Progressive Weighting


brings wedge design into the modern power game era. The innovative distribution of mass specific to each loft ensures better trajectories and distance control than you’ll get with any other wedges. While others simply apply the same back design to all lofts, each of our 21 precision lofts was optimized for shot control. No other company has ever done it this way.

21 exact loft choices

The Most Precise Gapping Possible

comes from offering every loft from 41 to 61 degrees. Each golfer has his or her own perfect “prescription” for their wedge lofts and SCOR4161’s offering of 21 precision lofts means you can get exactly the lofts you need to optimize your gaps and short range accuracy . . . without bending a wedge to something it’s not. No other company offers you this kind of precision.

V-SOLE Wedge Technology


never met a lie it didn't like. Forget the confusing array of specialized bounce options in the stores; the versatile V-SOLE® makes sure you always have the right bounce for the shot at hand - any lie, any course condition, any swing type.

Short Game Shafts on Wedges


The shaft is the engine of the golf club. So we designed our own GENIUS® steel and graphite shafts to give you unmatched feel and shot control in nine weight/flex options. That's eight more than you'll see from the “other guys”.

Custom Golf Wedges Made to Order

CUStom-built & made to order

A comprehensive "tour-van"-like custom-fit / custom-built methodology will make your SCOR4161 clubs really yours. And we don’t charge extra for this . . . we think to do it any other way is just not right.

We challenged nearly every “conventional” thought about wedges and completely re-engineered the entire scoring end of your set. Very simply, SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs are the most revolutionary development in golf equipment since hybrids.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why they make all other wedges obsolete, we invite you to read stories from other "real" golfers and see how SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs will improve your scoring from the very first round.

How SCOR4161 changes your game

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