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SC3 Weighting

Your scoring range performance is stuck in the 1950s.

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While every club in the bag has been totally re-engineered time and again over the past 2-3 decades, wedges have been left behind in the “arms race”. Your brand new wedges from any other brand essentially look and work just like those used in the Hogan era. (And Hogan said his maximum distance with a sand wedge was 40 yards!)

In other words, your scoring range struggles aren’t your fault.

Wedges for the modern power game.

We all swing our wedges harder than Ben Hogan did, so we created SC3 Progressive Weighting to give you better performance all the way through your set. It positions the center of mass higher than other wedges to optimize spin with the new grooves and perform better on your full swing shots.

The back weighting design changes across the entire range of scoring club lofts – all the way down to your 9-iron. So your lob wedge is optimized for spin, trajectory control and distance accuracy with 58-61 degrees of loft. So is your sand or mid- wedge at 53-57*. Your gap wedge of 49-52. Your pitching wedge of 44-48*. You can even extend this tack-driving performance down to your 9-iron of 41-43*.

As loft decreases from the lob wedge down to the 9-iron, SC3 also provides a gradually increasing amount of heel/toe weighting, a thicker face and a higher center of mass to deliver more forgiveness and to distance control.

Very simply, your matched set of wedges shouldn’t all look the same. Only with SC3 will they all look different to optimize performance for each one. Because it's the right thing to do.

How SCOR4161 changes your game

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