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Spin, Feel, and Control

Spin, Feel, and Control.

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No other scoring clubs – wedges or short irons – can give you more spin, better feel or shot control...period. When you pull a wedge or short iron from the bag, it's all about putting the ball close to the hole.  And that requires complete control over the ball flight, spin and carry distance.  A much higher percentage of shots inside 120 yards are missed short and long than left and right.  So, SCOR4161 wedges and short irons incorporate revolutionary design principles and infinitely precise components and manufacturing processes to give you the responsive performance you deserve. High Spin CNC-Milled Grooves and Faces SCOR4161 wedges and short irons deliver superb spin and stopping power. First, for absolute precision, we CNC-mill (Computer Numerical Controlled) the face to perfect flatness, so that your shots will be more accurate.  Then we CNC-mill each groove into each wedge, following the current USGA guidelines to the tiniest fraction. No mass production milling for us.

Cast and Forged – of mild 8620 Carbon Steel Casting produces precision and forging delivers improved feel, so every SCOR4161 scoring club is both!  First, the heads are precision cast of mild 8620 carbon steel, one of the softest steels that can be cast into a golf club and the choice of more touring professionals than any other.  Then, each head is re-heated to over 1,200 degrees and forged into its final shape to ensure unmatched feel of impact.  It's an extra step that others don't take, but we feel your short game performance is worth it.

GENIUS Graphite and Steel Shafts for unprecedented feel. These are feel clubs, and the heavy and stiff one-size-fits-all steel shafts used in other wedges just isn't good enough for SCOR™ Golf.  So we worked with KBS® and UST Mamiya® to develop our own short game shafts in two materials, three weights and multiple flex options to ensure a perfect fit for any golfer. Why? Think about the range of shots demanded from your 'money clubs'.  You hit full-swing shots from the fairway, and delicate finesse shots where precise distance control is essential.  Bunker shots of all distances to delicate little chips, pitches and flop shots around the greens. This range of use puts unique demands on the shafts.  So, rather than one heavy steel shaft in one shaft flex, SCOR™ Golf engineered our GENIUS® short game shafts to be better than any other option.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why scoring clubs make all wedges obsolete, we invite you to read stories from other "real" golfers and see how SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs will improve your scoring from the very first round. We guarantee it.

How SCOR4161 changes your game


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