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Innovative Wedges by SCOR Golf. Comprehensive Fitting By YOU.

No company has ever dedicated this much attention to the short end of the set, and the result is the finest line-up of scoring clubs ever. The SCOR4161 package of technology is engineered to allow any golfer to benefit from the right combination of lofts, regardless of the numbers. Advanced weighting concepts deliver improved trajectories and distance control, while optimizing spin with the newer grooves. And our renowned and patented V-SOLEĀ® eliminates the confusing and compromising high-bounce/low-bounce choices the other brands force each golfer to make.

This extraordinary package of technology is now available to golf professionals, teachers and fitters. By custom-fitting your golfers with SCOR4161 wedges and short irons, you can help players of all skill levels improve their short range performance, which WILL lower their scores. And our smart business solution for you requires no inventory, and allows you to avoid trying to compete with the off-the-rack wedges from the major brands.

Register here and a SCOR™ Golf representative will contact you with more details. Or just call us today at 877-726-7670 to hear the full story of this revolution in scoring performance.

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