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Forged vs. Cast? How about both?

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The old "forged vs. cast" debate has raged for decades now. Precision casting provides better adherence to spec, claim its proponents. But forging ensures better feel, says that camp. Well, they are both right, so only SCOR4161 combines the best of each process to ensure absolute precision without sacrificing any feel that is crucial to a solid short game.

Each SCOR4161 clubhead is made with both a casting and forging tooling.

First the heads are investment cast of mild 8620 carbon steel to ensure absolute precision and the achievement of tighter production tolerances. Then, before final polishing, the cast head is re-heated to 1,000+ degrees and put back in the forging tool, where it is pounded with an 800-ton forging press. This compression of the molecules in the clubhead re-aligns them and makes the head denser, so that you get the finest feel of any scoring clubs in the market.

The end product is much more similar to a true forged head in feel and malleability than to any casting on the market. Tru-Form-Forged costs more, for sure. But at SCOR™ Golf, we believe your short game and scoring are worth it.

SCOR4161 Features CNC-Milled Grooves and Faces

First, for absolute precision, we CNC-mill the face to perfect flatness, so that your shots will be more accurate. Precision putters are made this way, why shouldn't your wedges and short irons have that same quality? Then, we CNC-mill each groove into each wedge, following the USGA guidelines to the tiniest fraction. No mass production milling for us.

SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs conform to the USGA Rule of Golf.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why scoring clubs make all wedges obsolete, we invite you to read stories from other "real" golfers and see how SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs will improve your scoring from the very first round. We guarantee it.

How SCOR4161 changes your game


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