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Why your wedges are obsolete, even if they're not that old.

It's really this simple. The wedge category has been left in the dust of the golf equipment technology race. The big brands' new wedges look just like their old wedges -- the same design, same old lofts, with the same old specialized soles and heavy and stiff shafts . . . Can new graphics and subtle sole changes really help you shoot lower scores?

The answer is "no"… and that's why SCOR Golf has completely reinvented the short end of your set to give you the most advanced and accurate scoring tools ever. It's an approach to your short game so innovative SCOR was only new brand to make the Golf Digest Hot List – in any category! Here's why:

52/56/60 should be in the history books

Your modern set of irons has a 'P-club' with anywhere from 43 to 46 degrees of loft. So your optimum wedge arrangement is very different from those old numbers. Only the SCOR4161 line-up has 21 lofts so every golfer can have exactly the right ones without bending or alteration. Our Free SCORFit Solution will show you what yours should be.

Your wedges should not all look alike

The loft difference from your gap wedge to lob wedge is the same as between a 3-wood and five-iron. To optimize trajectory and distance control, they can't look just alike. Each of your scoring clubs should be designed for its specific loft, and only our innovative SGC3 Progressive Weighting does that.

Bounce, schmounce

It doesn't have to be this confusing; all other wedge brands make you choose between multiple specialized bounce options that they admit are good sometimes but awful at others. Every wedge in your bag has to be able to work with any kind of lie or swing path, and our patented V-SOLE® is the only sole design that has been proven to do just that.

Feel is critical

That heavy and stiff steel shaft used by all the major brands is not the way to optimize your feel and precision. So we offer three different shafts in nine different weight/ flex combinations. You won't find better feeling wedges anywhere.

Your wedges should be custom-fit

These are your 'money clubs' and off-the-rack wedges (very likely assembled in China) are not your solution. Custom-built SCOR4161s are.

Are the big companies wrong about wedges? We think so. And we're certain you will agree once you see what SCOR4161 is all about, and hit one for the very first time. This revolutionary departure from traditional and stale wedge design ideas will change your short range performance for the better.

Now that you have seen what SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs are doing for "real" golfers' short games. We invite you to use our interactive SCORfit application to get your custom short-game prescription and set evaluation.

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